Free Engraving

Put your mark on the jewelry for FREE!

What is available for engraving? Welamond offer Free Engraving on most of our engagement rings and wedding bands! If engraving is available for your selection, it will be presented as an option during checkout under "View and Edit Cart".

What can be engraved? Personal engravings can be any alpha-numeric combination up to 8 characters in length.

What Font can I use? Welamond offer not only Free Engraving, but also a wide range of Fonts to choose from. Please specify a Font number during checkout and of course write down what you would like to inscribe on the item.

How do I know that engraving will succeed? If there is a technical problem with engraving, one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

Need ideas for engraving? From our experience the most common engravings are:

  • Date: proposal, wedding, If it's a birth gift, then of course the child's date of birth birthday or any meaningful date.
  • A great ring engraving idea is to surprise your loved one with your favorite nickname on the ring.
  • It is possible to engrave the location (country, address, hotel name) you were at when you realized that "she is the one".
  • Surprise your beloved with words from your/her favorite song.
  • Of course, there are a lot of phrases that always work: "A perfect fit", "Worth the wait", " All my Love", " Eternally yours", " United as one", " Eternally yours", " I Love You", " Forever", " Beloved", " Oh, it is love"….
  • Your initials.
  • Imagination - activate it and we're sure you'll find something original.

Of course, if there is any question, you are invited to contact us .