1. Why should you buy from the WELAMOND website?

2. Who is behind the WELAMOND website?

3. What kind of jewelry can be found on the WELAMOND website?

4. How do I know that what I see on the site matches the exact specifications of the actual jewelry piece?

5. How can I choose the size of my WELAMOND engagement ring?

6. Is it possible to make changes to the size of the rings after they’ve been purchased?

7. Why are WELAMOND’s jewelry prices so attractive?

8. How can I pay for the jewelry I purchased on the WELAMOND site?

9. Is it safe to use my credit card to purchase from the WELAMOND site?

10. How do I get the jewelry I ordered?

11. How do I know that my jewelry order was received and recorded in the system?

12. I was looking for a particular piece of jewelry on the site but could not find exactly what I had imagined. Is it possible to order custom-made WELAMOND jewelry?

13. I could not find the diamond I was looking for. Can you help me?

14. I have a stone and want to embed it in the ring. Can I buy a ring assignment?

15. How do I clean my WELAMOND jewelry at home?

16. What jewelry items cannot be returned?

17. How do I return or resize an engraved ring?

18. How long will it take for a credit to be processed?

19. Is return shipping free of charge?

20. If a package or item arrives damaged?