Conflict-free diamonds

Welamond has a zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds. Through measures such as the Kimberley Process, which tracks diamonds from mine to market and monitors diamond exports to prevent the trade of illegal diamonds.

At Welamond we only purchase diamonds through the leading and most respected suppliers who strictly adhere to and enforce the standards formed by the Kimberley Process. If one of our suppliers was ever found to be in violation of that process, we would instantly sever that relationship. By controlling the sourcing of our diamonds and gem stones from the mine to the jewel, we ensure the integrity of the relationships, as well as the ethical treatment of all the workers in the supply chain. Welamond careful management ensures a supply of ethically sourced stones of the most exceptional standards. We strive to maintain our standards with any third party providers and suppliers in order to protect the integrity of Welamond jewel making process.

Welamond believes that a jewel represents an eternal relation between you and your love ones and therefore a source of a jewel should embody the purity of such relation, for this reason we refrain from purchasing gem stones which origin from areas of war and conflict.